Tax preparation

Tax preparation

At Tajuddin CPA P.C., our dedicated accountants prepare all kinds of tax returns including but not limited to, individual tax returns (Form 1040s), business tax returns (form 1120, 11020S, 1065,etc.), tax returns for non-profit organizations and payroll ( form 990s,941s, etc.) We carefully prepare all kinds of tax returns mentioned above on a timely fashion based on the documents given to us by our respected clients. If necessary, our dedicated team of payroll specialists and bookkeepers can even produce all payroll documents (eg: W2s, 1099s, etc.) on behalf of our clients to enable our tax team to prepare correct tax returns and do proper tax planning quickly.For our new client, moreover we exhaustively examine the client’s tax returns from present and prior tax years to make proper tax planning retroactively by amending prior year’s tax returns so that our client can save the maximum  amount of money on paying taxes and get maximum legally allowable amount of tax refund

 Tax planning is something where our team of experienced accountants  efficiently and relentlessly helps you to save money, for the future by employing advanced tax strategies. In tax planning, our team of knowledgeable accountants ask you very specific questions to understand your life situations and your goals in your personal life and your businesses. Then, we advise you to take certain tax strategies to save you money for future years. Whether you need tax planning about making estimated tax payment, deferring tax liability, reporting business gain/losses, using/disposing your business assets/ personal assets properly, maximizing out your retirement contribution(s), claiming appropriate credits for particular life situation(s), our qualified team of accountants at Tajuddin CPA have got you covered in all aspects of tax planning.

Tax planning services are separate from tax compliance services. In tax compliance services, we prepare your tax returns based on the tax documents that you provide to us and general questionnaires/interviews that we conduct with you. On the other hand, in tax planning, we conduct more in-depth interviews with you and ask you very specific questions to help you to implement certain advanced tax strategies to save you more money for the future. Tax planning is not a one day advice thing for our clients! For the majority of our clients, tax planning is an ongoing service by which our knowledgeable CPA, Mr. Tajuddin periodically meets with our wonderful tax planning clients numerous times a year to employ all necessary and advanced tax planning tools and strategies at his disposal to save his tax planning clients the most money.

Our CPA firm, Tajuddin CPA has hundreds of advanced tax strategies and tools at its disposal to reduce your tax liabilities drastically, which bring tremendous value to your personal life and your businesses.

Please contact us today to let us employ advanced tax strategies in your personal life and businesses in order to save you  significant tax dollars