Trust accounting and trust tax matters

Trust accounting and trust tax matters

Imagine that you and your family have worked very hard to have built considerable wealth and comfortable lifestyles. Hence, it is very important for you and your family to protect the wealth and other net assets that you have already built. Therefore, forming a trust is a legal entity that allows you and your designated trustee to manage your wealth (eg: managing wealth for minors or beneficiaries) in case of your death, mental incapacity. There are also a lot of other reasons as to why one needs to form trust entities. At Tajuddin CPA, our experienced and knowledgeable team of accountants not only prepares various types trust returns and report incoming and outgoing trust incomes in proper places for you and your family but also our knowledgeable accountants will properly advise you and your family on estate planning, selection of correct trust entities, all other relevant trust matters to minimize tax liabilities.

In special circumstances, when it is legally allowed, Mr. Tajuddin, CPA will gladly serve as the trustee of  trust(s) as per the legal agreement between the grantor(s), trustee and beneficiaries.Under very special circumstance(s), Mr. Tajuddin’s ability to Serve as a trustee for trust(s).

Therefore, Tajuddin CPA and his team of experienced professionals will eradicate all of your worries in relation to setting up, handling trust, and preparing trust returns.

  • Filing form 1041
  • Choosing between different types of trust for trust  tax return preparation
  • Grantor trust

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